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Xtenex Shoe Laces - X200 Series

  • $ 1499

Do your feet ever get tired and sore from working out, hiking, or sports? These Xtenex shoe laces will keep your feet comfortable and ready for the next adventure. They reduce painful footwear binding, natural foot swelling and foot fatigue. When participating in sports, outdoor adventures or simply just working out, everyone should have the chance to exceed to their full potential without the pain of footwear binding, foot swelling or foot fatigue. Get your Xtenex shoe laces and keep those feet happy!

X200 series compression laces service eyelet diameter sizes (from 2.5 to 3.5 mm).

A perfect choice for most activities involving normal foot movement; from everyday wear to running.

These laces are a favorite in traditional golf shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, senior shoes, orthopedic shoes, medical shoes, diabetic shoes and ANY shoe type imaginable with a slightly smaller than normal eyelet size.

Length - 30 in / 75 cm - Average size laces for Adults


What are XTENEX® Accu-Fit Compression Laces™?

XTENEX® Accu-Fit Adjustable Compression Laces feature enlarged (auto-blocking) knots that can be manually reduced in diameter size by stretching the lace apart where the reduction is needed, either for lacing or adjustment, release to set your compression preference. Knots create an adjustable compression zone between each set of eyelets to provide a tuned ergonomic fit.

* Aid in reducing painful footwear binding and foot fatigue caused by lace migration and natural foot swelling.

* Provide ergonomic lace expansion to relieve pressure from natural foot swelling and aids healthy blood circulation to your feet.

* Provide your feet with all-day active fit, support and comfort; compression elasticity provides fast recovery of footwear support systems while enhancing all-day performance and comfort. Pull footwear on, Slip footwear off.

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