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My Dear Rain - Chic Waterproof Purse Ponchos

  • $ 2000

Dear Rain ™, offers solutions to stay protected from the weather while making a fashion statement all at the same time. Dear Rain™ blends fashion and fun as it includes a note to the rain, reminding it that the days when it could control your style are long gone.

Dear Rain, currently offer handbag ponchos, ponchos and bubble umbrellas. The see-through material allows users to continue to show their style while staying safe and dry. Dear Rain ™ uses only the best materials out there. These products are constructed out of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a material known for being durable, anti-static, tear and bending-resistant, breathable and water-proof.

Two styles available:

Dear Rain Not My ________  (comes with a red marker to fill in the blank)

Dear Rain Nice Try

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